Cognos BI Interview Questions

1. What is Cognos Reporting tool?
A. Cognos is a reporting tool from IBM which helps in reporting and analysis of various data from a data warehouse.

2 . What is Cognos Impromptu?
A. Cognos Impromptu is a tool for generation of business intelligence reports.

3. What is query items?
A. Query items are mainly used in Reporting and for BI Authors it is the most essential object from the framework manager. These have lot of properties associated with them and are present in query subjects. Query items are similar to subsets of query subjects.

4. What are the types of catalogs in cognos?
A. There are four types of catalogs in cognos. They are :

5. What is cognos connection?
A. Cognos Connection is used to monitor, configure and optimize a Cognos 8 BI installation through a web interface. It is the same tool used by Consumers, but contains other advanced options for administration.

6. What is cognos configuration?
A. Cognos Configuration is the Cognos 8 BI administrative tool that is used to define the behavior of a Cognos 8 BI installation. It is used to manage configuration parameters.

7. What is the difference between standard and metrics folder?
A. Standard Folder : This is a container for other folders and/or BI objects, and is used for organizational purposes. It will behave just like a folder on your local computer, but will operate like a web page with active links. A bright yellow icon specifics Standard folders.
Metrics Folder : Metrics folders arc used by the Metrics Studio to store metrics-related information. While the standard behavior upon selecting the   other two folder types is to show their contents, a Metrics Folder will open up directly into Metrics Studio. A dark blue icon with colored dots specifies Metrics folders.

8.  what is difference between drill through and drill down?
A. The drill through operation allows one to move from data at the bottom level in a cube to data in the operational systems from which the cube was derived.
The drill down operation performs the operation opposite to the roll-up operation, i.e., it moves from a more general level to a detailed level in a hierarchy, thus presenting more detailed measures.

9. what are the types of studio?
A. There are five types of studio are :

    • Query Studio
    • Metrics Studio
    • Analysis Studio
    • Report Studio
    • Event Studio
10. what are cognos connection initial page components?
A. The The page can be broken down into three major sections :
      The Studio Toolbar
      The Utilities Toolbar
      The Tab Navigator

Interview Questions

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