Windows-based User Interfaces

Windows-based IBM Cognos BI interfaces are IBM Cognos Framework Manager, IBM Cognos Metric Designer, IBM Cognos Transformer, IBM Cognos Map Manager, IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office, and IBM Cognos Insight.
Windows-based User Interfaces

Cognos Framework Manager
IBM Cognos Framework Manager is the modeling tool for creating and managing business-related metadata for use in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting. Metadata is available for use by reporting tools as a package, providing a single, integrated business view of any number of heterogeneous data sources.

OLAP cubes are designed to contain metadata for business intelligence reporting and analysis. All metadata, together with all members, cube dimensions, hierarchies, and levels are loaded at run time. For information about using Cognos Framework Manager, see the IBM Cognos Framework Manager User Guide.

Cognos Metric Designer
Metric Designer is the modeling tool used to create extracts for use in IBM Cognos BI scorecarding applications. Extracts are used to map and transfer information from obtainable metadata sources such as IBM Cognos Framework Manager and Impromptu Query Definition (.iqd) files.

Cognos BI for Microsoft Office
With IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office you can access IBM Cognos reporting data directly from within Microsoft Office applications. IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office creates use of the Microsoft .NET Framework to allow clients to interact with server-based components. IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office provide two types of clients:
  1. The smart client is a zero-administration client with a zero-deployment impact. Product updates are automatically practical through the smart client. 
  2. The COM add-in client requires a client installation. Product updates are delivered by uninstalling plus reinstalling the COM add-in client.
Cognos Transformer
IBM Cognos Transformer is the IBM Cognos BI modeling tool used to create PowerCubes for use in IBM Cognos BI. Secured IBM Cognos BI PowerCubes are not compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7.

Cognos Map Manager
IBM Cognos Map Manager is a Window-based utility that administrators and modelers use to import maps and update labels for maps in Report Studio. For map features such as country or region and city names, administrators and modelers can define alternative names to give multilingual versions of text that appears on the map.

Cognos Insight
In IBM Cognos Insight, you can analyze data, explore scenarios, and influence decisions by creating personal or managed workspaces. Use these interactive workspaces to communicate results to managers. since Cognos Insight supports write-back, you can also use these workspaces to gather and consolidate management targets, commitments, and forecasts.

IBM Cognos Insight is provided with IBM Cognos BI. Use the IBM Cognos Connection Installer for Cognos Insight to install provisioning software on Cognos BI servers. This software permit multiple users to download and install IBM Cognos Insight on their computers from the Cognos Connection interface. For more information about using Cognos Insight, see the IBM Cognos Insight User Guide.
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